TikTok Is Not Good For People With Mental Health Issues

TikTok is a very toxic app, known for it’s discriminatory policies towards minority groups and people known as pups as well as allowing pedophiles and child groomers on the app, and while it has been reported in several major new stations (NBC, The Guardian, Time, Bloomberg) over the years, the app continues not to change. Just recently I was discriminated against by the app by it taking down and banning me over a video I posted of an educational article by Men’s Health on pup play. All the video was was a screen recording of me scrolling through the article so people could read it and it was removed for adult nudity and sexual activities with me also ending up being banned from posting content on the app.

Here’s the problem with this app as a user myself, the app allows or falsely flags videos that don’t do anything wrong for supposedly violating the obviously a colossal joke of their community guidelines while the app allows such videos as the one below

Who else felt that 😭 @bryanduran100 #cheater #react #reaction #fail #caught #gross #weird #scary (tiktok.com)

that depicts the dismemberment of a body part and is making threats of bodily harm towards someone if they cheated on the person (both which violate the community guidelines), while taking down a video that would educate people that pup play isn’t just a sexual kink, which, as I have posted before, TikTok tends to have a very discrimantory policy towards people wearing a pup hood and claim that is adult nudity and sexual activity while the person is not doing anything sexual in the video at all and is fully clothed.

The problem with TikTok the hypocrisy and picking and choosing of what policies to uphold, take for the fact that That Vegan Teacher, who was IP banned for her content and yet is right back on the app and still has an account up today even though she clearly avoiding a ban, or like the mentioned above where people post things that clearly violate their community guidelines and then turn around and say they don’t, yet they’ll take down pups, LGBTQ+ or any other minority group without so much as any chance at an appeal cause they no longer allow a person to dispute an appeal with a written argument like they use to.

The app is a joke and is not good for anyone’s mental health so avoid this app at all cost before you end up like so many who are pretty much stick on the app for the desire of praise and approval and don’t just leave and hit the app where it hurts which is the ads that they show on the FYP, even watching a few seconds to just scroll on by gives the app money so the only way to end TikTok’s discrimination is to leave the app all together.

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.