TikTok Allowing Discrimination

Awhile back on Twitter and YouTube I opened up about the fact that I am into what is known as “pup play” and that I had joined and found happiness within the pup community. I also started doing a TikTok account and come to find out TikTok is allowing discrimination towards people who consider themselves pups and post videos on their platform while wearing the pup hood.

Many of times people have discriminated against my content and reported it as sexual when I’m fully clothed and just having fun and being a goof or just being strictly honest about being depressed because I’m not with Shawn. What is the difference between mine and other people who don’t go around wearing a pup hood? Well I already pointed it out. I’m wearing a pup hood and that’s the only difference.

This is unfair and biased on TikTok’s part to consider the pup hoods to be a sexual thing when for many of us we find being a pup to be very therapeutic and freeing. For me I know I couldn’t do TikTok unless I am wearing the pup hood and that is unfair of TikTok and other users who are just being ignorant to be allowed to bully and harass me by being able to report my content as sexual. And I’m not the only pup they are doing this too.

The problem is is just like homosexuality people are only seeing the sexual aspects of what being a pup is and honestly have no idea why or want to ask why someone would want to be a pup.

Because of this and because of TikTok aiding in bullying, harassment and discrimination I have started a petition against their platform to put a stop to this discrimination and allowance of reporting me and my fellow pups just for doing what everyone else does on the platform the only difference is we are wearing pup mask and people are being ignorant jerks and TikTok is just aiding in it by actually considering the hoods as sexual and taking down our videos.

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.