Why Can’t People Just Respect Boundaries?

So on TikTok pups are outraged that a woman sat there and stated people should take spray bottles to pups at pride events but stayed silent when I got my life threatened. Talk about hypocrisy but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. While I do not condone violence or assault, I do want to talk about is the disrespect of boundaries.

The thing is that just because BDSM and kink are part of LGBTQ+ history doesn’t make it strictly an LGBTQ+ thing, same with pup play. There are straight people who do BDSM, kink and pup play too. So people aren’t wanting to see these things at Pride, respect that boundary. All it’s going to do is cause more hatred towards LGBTQ+ and claiming that people have an issue with the LGBTQ+ cause they don’t want their kids seeing it is also going to cause more hatred and disrespect towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Why are LGBTQ+ all about getting respect and not wanting to give it back? It’s ridiculous and as a gay person, this doesn’t make me want to support the LGBTQ+ community. I can’t respect a community that doesn’t want to respect other people. My family doesn’t want my niece and nephews seeing the pup play stuff so that means they don’t support me as a gay person because they set a boundary? And what about the LGBTQ+ youth this false message is giving? So their parents set a boundary means they don’t support their kids being LGBTQ+? All I have to say is good job LGBTQ+ being exactly what homophobes say were are…

All this is doing is going to cause more hatred towards LGBTQ+ and get more hatred towards pups by LGBTQ+ youth because kids are going to see things like this pick on LGBTQ+ youth by stating that the youth is going to be a pup or enjoy being beaten and just bully them into wanting nothing to do with pup play or BDSM. When you don’t respect people’s boundaries it has negative consequences.

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