Watching Someone Make Your Same Mistakes

It sucks when you have to sit there and watch someone you care for making the same mistakes you did.

A friend of mine rushed into a relationship with a person and they had a bad break up with their previous relationship. They didn’t even take time to heal. They rushed to live with the person, they got engaged within 6 months of dating and are planning on getting married in April of next year after only a year together.

I got verbally abused by their current partner and watched my friend make excuses for it, have seen the guy act very possessive and my friend post how the guy buys things for him.

All I keep seeing is my very last relationship while watching my friend do all the same things and it is just breaking my heart cause I can say nothing as he won’t listen and believes people are trying to tell him how to live his life when they are actually trying to help him.

I made the mistake of rushing into and living with my last boyfriend in a short timeframe after being through a relationship where I was domestically abused and raped and I can admit I ended up dragging all that into my relationship with my last boyfriend and eventually my love for him was lost after only a year together when he told me he was bored with our sex life.

The guy bought me things I wanted andI just sat there letting that allow him to treat me as he did.

I see my friend making these same mistakes and I feel so powerless… People think I am jealous but it’s just the errors of everything that I have seen and wanting to spare people the mental damage I endured cause no one deserves it.

I hate feeling so powerless…



Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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