Update to My Article on the SuperStraight Movement

I got a lot of unnecessary comments on my article dealing with the SuperStraight movement a few months back and I would like to post an update on somethings I have since learned about myself since posting that article. First is my opinion that I wrote has not altered in the least, people are attracted to who they are attracted to and want to date who they want to date and that is their right to do so, despite whoever objects to it, the bottom line of the argument is, you can’t force someone to date or sleep with someone they don’t want to be with.

That being stated, I have since discovered that I am an aromantic demisexual leaning more towards asexual gay man, meaning that I have no interest in a romantic relationship with anyone, this is mostly due to much of the things I have witnessed or been put through or seen people do over a relationship, and that I am attracted sexually to a male I have a strong emotional attachment to but I actually have no real desire for sex. I prefer to be loved for who I am than having sex with men anymore. So people can come at me in the comments of my article, you’re mostly just talking to a brickwall cause your arguments are moot to someone who’s aromantic (no desire to have a romantic relationship) and who is demisexual (only attracted to and desire to sleep with men I have a strong emotional attraction to) but leans more towards asexual (no desire for sex). So can we just let a person have their opinion without a bunch of arguments and making moot points? Thanks!

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