People think they know me
They think they know my life
They act as is if I don’t know
What I been through all my life

They tell me to just let go,
They tell me to move on,
While every time I do that
It always comes right back.

Tired of running from the problem
Constantly blamed for other’s actions
Always excuses, always me blamed
Tired of the same old thing

Letting go does not work
Moving on is just to run
And run all you want
It just comes back

And when it comes back
It’s worse each time
Traumatized more and more
Just so tired

Tired of the gaslighting
Tired of the false hope
Tired of the victim blaming
Tired of the excuse after the excuse

For once in my life I want accountability
For him to just make things right
For nothing gives the person the right
To wrong, to disrespect, to hurt

Tired of being made to feel my experiences
aren’t real
Tired of being immoral people’s rule
Tired of it this stupid norm

Where people are just get away with wrong
Tired of being made wrong
For wanting to do what I feel’s right
Tired of people’s disrespect

Tired of being made wrong for being myself
So tired, just so tired
When all I want is to be in his arms

But nothing cares
No person, no deity, no mystic force

Tired of people saying things
While actions show they lie

Tired of people saying things are wrong
When no consequences come.

Tired, just oh so tired
Please for once
Let me have what I want
Please, oh, please, let him come back
Tired, so tired…

I just want him in my life…
Tired of people telling me what to do
Tired of people telling me to give up on my dream
For my dream is to just be his pup

So tired of life, Liam’s all I dream of
So tired of people not getting
They gaslight the dreams out of others

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.