I was left, forgotten, unwanted
Everyone was mad, but not at the one who left.
I got abused and neglected
Made to feel like the worse.

The hatred of gays was added to the flames.
And all people did was say it was wrong
While making excuses for it to be right.
Alone and hated, feeling more and more wrong
As if me being left was somehow my fault.

Darkness soon came, it clouded my mind
All I thought of was death
Cause the pain would not stop.
I longed for it, contemplated it
Plotted and planned

And then he came along
Unexpected, unplanned
And soon it seemed, the darkness had lifted
I soon went against everything I knew was wrong
And went with the crowd and fell hard in love.
For now I was saved from Death’s open door

Then days turned to months and months into years.
I showered him with stuff, anything he wanted
All the while he promised to always be there
To be mine.

And the money spent grew higher and higher.
And soon he vanished and I felt alone.
The hatred of gays returned once more
And abuse came knocking once again at my door.

I saw all at once history repeating itself
And I knew if I did the same thing
It would again if I choice to go down the same path once more.
For those who don’t learn history repeats.

I knew my choice, it was obviously clear
To join the masses and be hurt again
Or change my future by not repeating the past.
And so I chose hope and to change my life
To go down a path not traveled by.

To be different for once.
To do what I felt right
And follow my heart not others delight.
And so I think of him
And so I hope
And so for once I go down
The path that felt right

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.