Therapy Used As Emotional Manipulation

You know the sad thing people do anymore is try to make it where they think I’m gullible enough to fall for the whole “I need to seek professional help.” when I been wronged. Like I don’t know emotional manipulation when I see it?

You know back when I was dating my first boyfriend, he use to invalidate my feelings all the time, sitting there making excuses for beating me and went so far as to rape me to invalidate me by making it payback for me breaking up with him for cheating on me, inevitably he was saying “You’re being punished cause you’re feelings of being being upset and breaking up with me for cheating on you are wrong.”

Sadly, this is what we do anymore these days to people and after a Google search I can definitely verify with what I am going through recently, that people telling me to go seek professional help cause they don’t want to listen to me, the victim, is definitely emotional manipulation.

You know the reason people didn’t want to take responsibility is cause I started saying I was feeling suicidal, didn’t say I was going to commit suicide. The reason why? I felt trapped like I was back with my first boyfriend. I was in psychiatric care back then and twice tried to commit suicide, once by trying to overdose on psychiatric drugs and the second time by trying to jump off a bridge. And the funny thing is, people want me to go back into psychiatry even after I told them this? I’m like, uh, that tells me you definitely don’t care if you think I should have access to psychiatric drugs and an ability to actually commit suicide. And why say this? Cause I was reaching out for help and telling people I was feeling this way and why and they turned around and rejected me cause they didn’t want to listen to my thoughts and my feelings. And it’s any wonder I was feeling suicidal? Who wouldn’t when they are stuck in a past they are so desperately trying to get out of?

People say to keep letting go but you can’t let go if history keeps repeating itself, it’s like sitting there constantly picking at a scab, it won’t heal if you keep picking at it, same when you keep going from one bad situation to the next and no one listens to what you want. Reopens those wounds, cause you don’t ever truly heal from them. They leave an emotional scar deep in your heart and then you are forced to mourn that all over again?

And what is psychiatry going to tell me that I don’t already know? My CPTSD gets trigged by victim blaming/shaming, my feelings being invalidated and people trying to control me and tell me what to think and feel, what psychiatry or psychiatric drugs are going to stop people from doing that and triggering me? It didn’t work over 10 years ago, why would it now? Answer is it’s not going to.

Honestly, people will use psychiatry to make anyone in the wrong, and people forget as someone who is Autistic, I’m bright despite some of my Autistic naivety, I can spot when people are being manipulative and emotionally abusive, like with this telling me to seek professional help when all I want is to stop being made to feel like I’m back with my first boyfriend who abused and raped me and being invalidated when I’m being wronged and my feelings and thoughts not being respected.

By myself, BY MYSELF, not 15+ years in psychiatry did that help me come to terms with that I wasn’t at fault for my father physically abusing my brother, it didn’t help me come to terms with my thirteen year old neighbor lying to my grandmother and telling her it was my idea that we grab each other privates with tongs. Psychiatry didn’t help me come to terms with my first boyfriend or my last one or Shawn. I came to terms with it all on my own. I realized what was going on around me and I realized that I was being abused and manipulated for years. I realized that I wasn’t at fault for what others did to me and had the right to my own thoughts and feelings and demanding the respect I want. I CAME UP WITH THAT NOT SEEING A PYSCHIATRIST. 15+ years in psychiatry and I came up with that on my own? Why do I need psychiatric help? I’m not sorry if people don’t like I broke free of years of abuse and realized I have the right to demand accountability.

Truth be told if you ask me a lot of the silently complicit bullies in wrongdoings need to seek psychiatrics help and so do the wrongdoers, not their victims. The wrongdoers sure have something wrong with them to think they are doing nothing wrong and can continue to hurt and lie and abuse their victims and not be accountable for what they do. The people sitting here telling the victims they need to seek help obviously need it more than the victims do cause they obviously can’t see that they are being just as abusive as the person wronging the victim and being complicit.

Can we please stop this? Can we please go to a world where people are held accountable? Is it any wonder the suicide rate is so high anymore? People are making people feel invalid and as if they don’t matter and worse than the person who did them wrong and don’t even care but the victims are the ones who need to seek psychiatrics help? It’s not the victims who need help… The emotional manipulation is no better than the actual abusers.




Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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Ricky James Alan Bryant

Ricky James Alan Bryant

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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