Therapy Is Being Used as a Copout and to Victim Blame

So I am happening to notice that a lot of people tell me to go seek therapy whenever I am wronged as if therapy is going to actually stop the wrong and at this point in time in my life I am starting to see it as a copout for not dealing with a problem and the phrases “Talk to a therapist.” or “Seek therapy.” are being used as a means to victim blame those who are wronged.

I spent most of my life in therapy and as a kid I was bullied in school for being gay and my family, therapist, case manager and teachers all knew about it but nothing was helping as I was still depressed and suicidal because all I wanted was for the bullying to stop.

Now with my problem with Liam, I am hearing this “Talk to a therapist.” and “Seek therapy.” bull and I’m realizing that this is a form of victim blaming. Liam is the one in the wrong, I’m not and telling me to seek professional help is making it where I am the one with the problem and I’m the one who needs to be “fixed” even though I am the victim of the wrong.

Therapy didn’t stop the bullying I endured in school and it didn’t stop me from being depressed and suicidal as a kid, it’s not going to stop what Liam is doing to me. So there is proof therapy is being used as a copout to not deal with the problem of Liam lying on me to thousands of people, putting blame on me and thinking what he doing is okay.

Do people not know how many LGBT+ over the years have been made the “problem” and need to be “fixed” for the sexual orientation or gender identity? We see a lot of it going on these days on social media and on television where people are making LGBT+ the problem due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, particularly the right-wing extremist and Evangelicals who believe in conversion therapy.

It really is sad we live in a society with the mentality of using therapy as a means to copout of dealing with a problem, whether it is someone doing something morally wrong to homophobia/transphobia and using it as a means of acting like the victim is the one in the wrong and has the problem and they need to be “fixed”. How is that any better than the right-wing extremist and the Evangelicals who make LGBT+ in the wrong for something they didn’t ask to be?

People don’t ask for someone to wrong them and it is emotionally and verbally abusive to tell someone to seek professional help for reaching out for help cause they want a problem dealt with.

We really need to get out of this copping out of dealing with problems and making victims the ones who need “fixed” mentality. It’s no better than blaming a rape victim for their rapist’s actions.

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