The Pup Community Is Not the “Safe Space” It Claims to Be

Now back in February I wrote about how Liam Bennett had people threatening to take me out over his relationship with his partner, Jonathan Hughes, due to Liam lying on me cause of his relationship.

Well, now I’ve decided to share some of the things said to me by pups in the pup community that are emotionally abusive and manipulative.

Now this first message was from someone I considered family, they said this to me after I told them Liam had posted things on Facebook to over 4000 people that was a fabrications of things I told him in confidence. I wasn’t even in contact with Liam, a friend of mine got ahold of another friend of mine to get my number and sent me what Liam had blasted on Facebook. And he’s one of the pups going around parading that being in the pup head space is suppose to be a “safe space”? How is sitting here telling me off for a friend telling me what Liam said and being abusive doing any good for someone’s mental health? And this guy has no room to talk when he mentions how he had people put up a petition to have him put out of his misery any chance he gets…

This is a comment I got on me posting the screenshot of Liam’s death threat towards me in a pup group on Facebook and as you can see the person says “There are two sides to every story.” TO A DEATH THREAT? Sorry but when talking to some sane and moral people, there’s no two sides to a story when it comes to a death threat and if anyone says that, they are clearly on the wrong side and have something seriously wrong if they think there is any reason to threaten someone’s life.

This is the type of abuse I was enduring for days after Liam’s death threat was shown to me and all I kept screaming inside was “I am not a doormat, I am tired of people getting away with wronging me, I want justice and I want Liam held accountable!” but I was being ignored and emotionally abused and it was getting to the point I was getting suicidal and feeling like I was back with my first boyfriend who beat and raped me and made me feel so insignificant to the point that I tried to commit suicide twice while I was dating him. This is why I vanished off the face off the earth for a couple of months. I was getting that bad and I needed to get away from everyone and push everyone away for my own mental sanity and re-grasp myself on what truly matters to me and that’s fighting back against what Liam has done and get him held accountable and to make things right cause in the end all I want is to be happy and despite the bad things that have happened between me and Liam, it doesn’t erase the good things and how happy being his pup made me when he wasn’t being a colossal ass to me cause of his relationship.

Also, this abusive crap is why I don’t take anyone’s advice on how to live my life, I don’t listen to hypocrites.

Now how the heck is any of these statements by pups in the pup community showing that being a pup is a mentally good “safe space” for people to be in? It isn’t. And it’s very damn hypocritical and disgusting for a community that claims to be a “safe space” is falsely parading itself around as one while protecting a person who threatens someone’s life. Honestly, this community really needs to quit parading itself around as a “safe space” for people with mental health issues if it emotionally abuses victims and can’t respect a person’s feelings and what they want when it’s their life and they are the one being wronged.



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