The Alpha

One day in March a pup was born. The pup was alone, scared but intrigued. He went amongst some others like him and soon met another. This other pup was so beautiful, broken, but still beautiful. The pup knew at once he had found the friend he had been looking for. A friend he could share everything with.

The pups grew close and soon they grew. The other pup soon asked the newborn pup if he could be his alpha and the new pup could not have been happier. He thought the two would be inseparable.

But soon the broken alpha met another pup and that’s when things went dark. The new pup had other encouraging him to protect his alpha but when he tried the alpha wouldn’t listen and soon the alpha spread untrue rumors about the pup and the new pup who was once known as the alpha’s most loyalist pup became hated amongst pups he didn’t know.

The new pup couldn’t understand why the alpha was doing this or why he was suddenly hated. How could one lie destroy someone like this? The pup was hurt deeply but all the pup could think about was the good times and wanting them to return. But the alpha wouldn’t have it. The alpha didn’t want to see what the pup was seeing and all the pup could see was the alpha becoming an awful person over the other pup.

The pup sat there wondering if this was who his alpha truly was to begin with or was this relationship the alpha is in bringing out the worst in the pup’s poor alpha? The pup didn’t want to believe the alpha was bad and chose to come to one conclusion, the alpha’s relationship wasn’t good for his alpha and it was bringing out the worst in him.

The pup did everything he could to show his alpha he hadn’t changed, getting him things to help his alpha remember the kind, loving and loyal pup he was now tossing aside. But drama kept falling each time the pup did something nice for the alpha he loved and the pup just sat there stunned and confused. He didn’t understand why his alpha was doing this. Why was his alpha becoming this awful person when the pup knew deep down he was better than this?

The pup soon became scared of other pups cause of how silent they were being in the face of all this and how no one understood or saw what the pup was seeing and believing. The pup sat there asking himself “Why? Why do these pups gotta see the worst in my alpha? Why can’t it be what I am seeing? Why can’t people see that this other pup is bad for my alpha and bringing out the worst in him like I see it?”

The pup soon began slowly backing away from others scared of them and their judgment of him as he saw how things worked in the world. The pup kept thinking to himself how unjust the whole situation has become as he loves his alpha very deeply and part of him just cannot let go of the hope that the alpha he once loved would come back for the pup knew seldom joy in the world and just wanted this one thing that had truly made him happy back and that was the alpha he once knew.

This pup just couldn’t stop thinking to himself, “The alpha I know can’t truly be gone… this can’t be the real him… if there is any true justice in this cold and cruel world the alpha I love will see what he’s becoming and come back…” This hope is the only thing that has kept the pup going all this time, through people turning on him thinking he’s crazy for just holding onto that one bit of hope the pup had left.

And so the pup walked out into the woods, in the cold, away from all other pups and civilizations, alone and lost in pain. The pup soon found a tree in the dark wilderness, laid down in the cold snow and decided to wait for the alpha he loved to find his true self once more and return to him… or so this lost, lonely and hurt pup continues to hope…



Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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