Taylor Swift Confirms James and Betty Got Back Together

Many fans and news medias are talking about Taylor Swift’s new live session called folklore: the long pond studio sessions that is now streaming on Disney+.

While many Swifties finally got confirmation that “exile” and “betty” co-writer William Bowery is in fact Swift’s boyfriend of four years Joe Alwyn, which Swift confirms in the documentary, Swift also confirms and talks about the writing process for her eighth studio album, folklore.

One of the confirmations Swift reveals involves the three songs that are about the love triangle that is featured on the album, the album’s lead single “cardigan”, the now confirmed Joe Alwyn co-written song “betty” which Swift stated that Alwyn had been singing a fully written chorus to and “august”.

The three songs all are narrated from the three different people involved in the love triangle’s perspective, “cardigan” from the view point of Betty, “betty” which is song from the viewpoint of James and is an apology to Betty and finally “august” which is sung from the point of view the unknown woman who James had an affair with.

Most Swifties and news media outlets assumed that James and Betty never got back together based on the line in “cardigan” where Betty states “Chase two girls, lose the one” but Swift confirms in the documentary/live concert while talking with fellow co-writers and producers Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner about the three songs that in her mind James and Betty got back together.

I was one of the few Swifties who was actually hopeful that this was the case as I am one of those hopeless romantics who believe that true love doesn’t die just cause a person makes a mistake. So to hear Swift confirm that to her James and Betty got back together after the events in the song “betty” is very comforting and brings a new narrative to the storytelling of these three songs.

All in all the documentary is very informative and insightful and gives fans an insight into the songwriting process of this surprise album Swift wrote in the first few months of quarantine.

To check out folklore: the long pond studio sessions be sure to watch it on Disney+. You can check out the live session of “exile” on Swift’s YouTube channel. You can also stream the songs on all streaming services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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