SuperStraight Is Not a Sexuality

“SuperStraight”, also known as “SS”, pride flag with the colors of black and orange similar to the logo of Pornhub.

Now I am going to share my thoughts on this whole “SuperStraight” movement and it may come off as offensive to some but again these are my own personal thoughts.

First and foremost, the movement is completely transphobic as it has connections to Neo Nazi’s (thanks to James Finn for the source.) And to want to consider themselves part of the LGBT+ community when they aren’t oppressed like LGBTQ+ also does not help them at all.

That being said there is a problem going on in the LGBT+ community and the straight community that is very disturbing. Falsely accusing people of being transphobic or racist cause people aren’t attracted to people of a particular skin color or because they don’t want to date transfolk. Now this is going way too far. Why are we trying to force people to be attracted to who they aren’t attracted to? Why are we playing the race card and the transphobic card here? I thought homophobia/transphobia and racism was saying hurtful things, taking/costing people’s lives and trying to deny them basic rights? Not who will and won’t date or sleep with you… When did that become a thing?

I mean I’m sorry but I personally wouldn’t want to date a transman. That’s my thing, doesn’t make me “super gay” or transphobic. Same with people falsely accusing me of being racist. Sorry I’m not attracted to people who are black or Hispanic or any other race. I find white men attractive, particularly white men with blonde hair and blue eyes, they are hot as f***. That’s just what I am attracted to. Do I want transfolk to have basic human rights? Yes. Do I want people of color to have basic human rights? Yes. Do I go up and make racial or transphobic slurs at people of color or transfolk? No. So in no way am I transphobic just cause I don’t want to date a transman. Just like I’m not racist cause I won’t date or sleep with any other race that isn’t white. I’m half Puerto Rican, so what? Am I race traitor? Am I racist against my own race for not being attracted to them? I’m also half-white so you see where this logic fails?

So what’s next? Are gays and lesbians now sexist cause they won’t date or sleep with the opposite gender? Are people who are straight homophobic because they won’t date or sleep with the same sex? Am I honesty the only one seeing the problem with all this? It’s going right around into a circle and making the homophobic argument that people are gay by choice. I know my sexual attractions aren’t my choice and I’d appreciate not getting hated for it and respected.

This is the problem is the LGBT+ community has created by years of ignoring and doing nothing about the true homophobia and transphobia and are partially to blame because we aren’t being respectful to other people’s wishes. Transfolk get mad if someone rejects them cause they tell the cisgender they’re trans and then they call the person transphobic and after that don’t wanna tell people they are trans and want the cisgender men/women to tell them they don’t want to date transfolk and when they do by posting it on social media they are a bigot and transphobic. That’s not right to do. You can’t go around and call someone a transphobe just cause they won’t date you or sleep with you.

Transfolk want respect and want to be acknowledge for the gender they identify as and I get that and totally support it but that means you need to give those who don’t want to date you the same respect and not falsely call them transphobic. That person obviously had enough respect for you to not waste your time and let you know they aren’t interested, the least you can do is respect a person’s wishes not to date you and not go about making false claims of them.

With all that being said, truth be told I been wondering about when a lot of the hypocrisy in the LGBT+ community was going to come back and bite us all in the butt and this “SuperStriaght” movement sure makes me fear my premonitions of the LGBT+ being rounded up and murdered like dogs maybe coming to fruition, especially with the Neo-Nazi connection but at the same time this is only a gut feeling but we in the LGBT+ community really need to focus our priorities and combating the real threat to our community and not about who will and who won’t date and sleep with us. How much longer before something worse than “SuperStraight” starts popping up and trending? We really need to start making sure people who really are homophobic, racist and transphobic get consequences for the things they say and do and not turning allies against us cause they won’t date or sleep with you.




Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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Ricky James Alan Bryant

Ricky James Alan Bryant

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.

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