Society is Helping Kids Learn Immoral Thing Too

One thing I saw going on recently on the internet was some person complaining about how some guy is a father and teaching his kids to hate cause he supports trump and it got me thinking about an old saying that I heard growing up a lot “It takes a village to raise a child.”

According to NPR it is an African proverb. It means that for children to grow an entire community must ban together to make the environment safe and healthy for the children.

We now live in a day and age of technology where lies, misinformation, immoral actions and hatred can spread a lot faster than it use to. Lot of people don’t seem to realize that take for example my situation with Shawn that kids can find out about what he is doing, see that he is getting no consequences for it and think “Oh wow, I’m gonna do that cause I can get whatever I want and not ever get in trouble.”

Or take my situation with Liam where he lied on me to an entire community over a relationship said he was sorry and yet his actions showed that he didn’t care about me to begin with cause first he lied on me and then he stayed in that relationship after, not only that but a good majority of the pup community that he lied on me to supports his relationship with the guy even though it sends a message to pups looking into the community that as long as the wrongdoer is happy that’s all that matters and so anyone in the entire community can do that to any pup. It’s like sitting there saying that Shawn should be allowed to scam people cause it makes him happy.

Is that really the message the US society or even the pup community wants to give to people? Is that the message people really want to give to children?

Not only that look at what happens with people who are racists or homophobic, they just mostly get a slap on the wrist and then they are on their merry way. They don’t get stopped for what they do, mostly cause they are systematically protected by the US government with “free speech” or “freedom of religion” which gives these people the utmost right to walk up to a person of color or an LBGTQIA+ on the street and shout racial or homophobic obscenities at them. And what are they really gonna get for it? Five minutes of fame, a temporary loss of a job and then forgotten and back to their old intolerant ways as they teach their hatred on and round up more people.

The point I am making is that it doesn’t matter US society, pup community, straight community, LBGTQIA+, etc. it doesn’t matter, as long as we allow this immoral actions or intolerant and hateful things we are only bringing ourselves much more closer to the brink of extinction cause in the end that’s what will happen. We are on the verge of self-destruction and destroying each other if we do not start banning together and standing up to these people and making it consistently known that these people that do immoral or intolerant and hateful things that it won’t be tolerated and keep at them until they either shape up and change their ways or they are so well known that they can no longer have any other victims.

The paradox of tolerating intolerance.

It’s like the paradox of tolerance says, eventually those who tolerate the intolerant by just allowing them to be intolerant or allowing people do immoral things and tolerating that it leads to the destruction of tolerance and morality. It’s a paradox, the two cannot peacefully co-exist with one another without one or both being destroyed. Just cause you can’t stop someone does not mean you have to sit there and condone what they do by doing nothing, condemn it consistently.

But what I really want to people to think about is what we are really telling children. We are telling them that as soon as you’re an adult you can do whatever you want, doesn’t matter how wrong it is, as long as you are happy you can do it and screw who you hurt, lie on, kill, etc. it’s okay cause you’re happy and is that really the message we want to be giving? Do we really want to lead ourselves down this path of destruction?



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