People Defending TikTok Apparently Don’t Know Anything About the App’s Discriminatory Policies Towards Minority Groups

While many people are making fun of trump for wanting to ban TikTok from being able to be used in the United States and defending the app, many people who don’t use the app are unaware of TikTok’s discriminatory policies towards minority groups.

TikTok in recent months has been reported to have many discriminatory polices on its app, ranging from discriminating against people who are overweight, LGBT+, disabled, poor and the pup community. There is even cyber bullying that is being allowed on the app. The app also has a major problem with racist videos.

A prime example of one of TikTok’s discriminatory policies is that any person, regardless of being fully clothed, is posting pornography if they are wearing what people in the pup community call a pup hood. TikTok classifies the pup hood as pornographic and so because of this policy people can report any video a person does who wears the pup hood and they will take the video down as violation of their community guidelines and if enough of the person’s videos get reported the account gets permanently banned and deleted.

While many defend the app, should an app with such discriminatory policies towards minority groups, the poor, people over weight and that allows cyber bullying and racist videos be allowed to be used in the US? What messages is that giving children and people who are bigoted and discriminate?

People don’t realize it but many people on TikTok do a lot of hard work on their content and making videos for people to enjoy either to end up shadow banned or have their accounts banned due to TikTok’s discriminatory policies and yet people want to support an app that does this cause trump dislikes it and wants to ban it?

While I do not know nor care to know trump’s reasonings for wanting the app banned in the US, the fact it does not protect and has discriminatory policies towards minority groups, the app does need to be banned for at least their policies alone if the company that owns TikTok, ByteDance, refuses to clean up its treatment towards minority groups.



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