Not Everyone Is Meant to Walk the Same Path

Ricky James Alan Bryant
4 min readOct 11, 2019


One of the things I have noticed in the world is that people expect everyone to be the same and go about things the same way cause it worked for them and then tell someone to see psychiatric help when the person refuses to do that person’s suggestion cause it doesn’t feel right to them instead of being accepting that people think and feel differently and aren’t meant to go down the same path as others.

Using telling someone they need to seek psychiatric help so they think and feel the same as you however is no better than the Evangelicals using conversion therapy on LGBT+.

People tell me to keep doing the same thing I have always done my entire life and all that has done is open the door to the next person to do something wrong to me again and honestly as someone who has been through a lot since my childhood I have come to realize the path of letting go, moving on and letting people get away with their wrongs is not the path for me.

Psychotherapy has also been used as a means to not deal with the actual problem, for example, most LGBT+ youth form depression due to bullying at school by fellow cisgender homophobic students and instead of dealing with the bully because the LGBT+ youth is having a normal and rightful reaction to being bullied and isolated, no child is going to be happy about it and no amount of ignoring and cooping mechanism works to get rid of the feeling of being alone.

It is no wonder LGBT+ youth commit suicide, we LGBT+ get enough being made to be the problem for being ourselves, we honest don’t need to constantly be told we are the problem and the one that needs fixed, I remember spending my whole youth asking “Why am I the only one getting help?”, “Why am I the one who needs fixed?”, “Do people not see they are adding to the stigma that being LGBT+ is a psychiatric issue?”, “Why is nothing being done about the bullies?” I spent my entire youth miserable like that and yes I did try to commit suicide at least twice and both attempts failed, some LGBT+ however end up following through.

I am telling all this as a means to point out that psychotherapy is not the solution to everything and just cause it works for some doesn’t mean it’s for all, including people with mental disorders, nor does it solve the problems of the world like homophobia and bullying and should not be used as a means to avoid dealing with those problems.

Personally, I think psychotherapy be should be used to educate people on mental disorders and how to cope with people with them not used to try and make the mentally disabled the same for society. They like LGBT+ did not ask to be born the way they were.

Some days I envy LGBT+ who end up committing suicide, they got out of this cold cruel world and then at times I feel sadden by it cause it means that they were failed and the world wasn’t a safe place for them because we’re not making it better, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, religious beliefs are no excuse for hate.

And here’s the rub, our government is doing nothing about bullying, racism or homophobia because it’s “free speech”, here’s the thing, shouting “Fire!” in a building that isn’t is free speech too but you sure as hell are going to go to jail for it. People can believe what they want on homosexuality it’s when they push it on others in the general public, an LGBT+ youth or at an open to the public business it’s no longer free speech. What they believe they need to keep in the privacy of their home and/or church, it should not come out in the general public. Eg. A religious person does not have the right to walk up to two gay men they don’t know randomly on the street and berate them with religious nonsense, call them a “F****t”, spits at the ground between their feet and walks off, the gay men have had their rights violated but nothing will happen to them because of their religious beliefs and people don’t think it’s a big deal and that we should move on and let it go when there have been homophobic instances that are worse that have led to LGBT+ being mugged or murdered.

This is why it’s hard for me to support and vote either political party. Neither are hitting on the issues like homophobia, racism or any other form of discrimination. The Equality Act doesn’t even protect LGBT+ from being accosted in public with hate speech so my question is what good are either political party if they are going to do nothing about the wrongs society thinks people should get away with?

In conclusion

I really think people should take a good hard look at themselves and realize how much they are complicit in a lot of what goes on these days and realize that not everyone is the same and that not everyone is meant to go about things the same way as others would.

We live in a world that pretty much finds anyway to make those in the wrong in the right and their victims in the wrong and that’s a thing we need to stop by accepting that everyone is different and doesn’t have to go about things the same way.



Ricky James Alan Bryant

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.