Hypocrisy in the LGBT+ Community

The hypocrisy in the LGBT+ community really needs to stop. As the years go on and more and more happens to me, I have started to feel like an outsider to the community I have spent my life trying to defend. The fact is the LGBT+ community is full of complete hypocrisy. Hypocrisy according to Webster’s means

a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

Now the LGBT+ community claims itself as a community that is accepting of others but just like any other community when a person’s thoughts and feelings are contradictory to the unrealistic social norms then the community reverts to tactics of bullying and emotional abuse/manipulation.

Take my situation with Liam Bennett, after talking to a few friends and family members (something I was told not to do by cyberbullies and no one had the right to tell me to do), the fact racism plays a huge ordeal in this situation is revolting coming from a group that is oppressed just like the black community or Hispanic community. Truth be told had I, a person who is of Hispanic decent, made a claim that I had people threatening to take a white male out, I’d have been blasted all over the internet but with me I get cyberbullied into silence to where I have taken down all my social media sites and YouTube channels just to not be doxed cause Liam is acting like he can’t be held accountable for the pain and suffering he has caused me and he is blaming me for his behavior. I’m cyberbullying into silence and being told me to seek professional help because what I want and feel is the right course of action is not being respected. To have LGBT+ people abuse me in such a way is revolting and no better than the homophobes that bully us.

For a community that claims to be accepting of others, it sure doesn’t respect people who have been through as much as I have in my 34 years on this earth. It’s like, how can people not see or understand that I have had enough of people wronging me and just being allowed to walk away from what they’ve done? How can people not understand that I feel me “letting go and moving on” is not the right path for me cause I keep going from one bad situation to the next? I’m pretty sure to be an accepting community you have to be understanding as well.

I am honestly sick of the abuse I endure on so many levels just to get respect for my feelings and years of abuse and seeing this coming from the LGBT+ community, I just have to ask myself, is this community really worth defending or should I disassociate myself from it cause it’s full of nothing but hypocrites? I mean seriously, look at the SuperStraight movement, the LGBT+ community demands respect to date, marry and sleep with whomever they like but when a person doesn’t want to date you or sleep with you cause of something that they personally aren’t attracted to they get called a bigot and racist or transphobic and it’s like how can the community demand respect and then not give it back?

That’s how I feel all the time anymore, it’s like I’m always suppose to give respect but I’m not allowed to have any back and the way I was raised when someone is doing something that is morally wrong, like Liam having people threatening to take me out, then you don’t respect a person like that but he gets way more respect because he is white male than I do and I’m not suppose to feel there isn’t racism and intolerance in the LGBT+ community playing a role here? How is it equality when if a person of color where to do the exact same thing Liam did they would be called out but Liam being a white male doesn’t and me, his victim, is being cyberbullied into silence and having their thoughts and feeling invalidated?

And one conversation I had with my mom was about why LGBT+ youth commit suicide, I’ve said it before, not sure I’ve written about it but I’m pretty sure I have but I’m going to repeat myself anyway, when a child is being bullied and they are the only ones getting any consequences for the bullying they are enduring and being made to feel like they are the problem and being told to ignore the bullies, which doesn’t work, it’s going to make that child feel like no one cares about them and then the child is going to take matters into their own hands and one of two things are going to happen, either they are going to commit suicide or they are going to get violent, whether physically or with a gun or knife or whatever they can gain access to. This is all preventable if people would deal with the situation of the homophobic bullies instead of only dealing with the person who’s having the problem and making them feel worse then the person who’s bullying is.

This is the same with any other wrongdoing on anymore these days. Stop going after the victims and deal with the bullies. Jesus, is it any wonder someone can get suicidal in this world anymore when all they want is for the people doing them wrong to be stopped and no one is respecting that? And it’s worse coming from a community that spouts it’s accepting of people who are different but yet then can’t respect a person, their path they have walked down, how it shaped them and turns to emotional manipulation and bullying tactics to silence the person.

Where’s the acceptance that this community spouts it has? Cause I sure as heck am not seeing it and all I’m seeing is a bunch of hypocrites feeding into a homophobic narrative I heard growing up where if you turn a blind eye to one sin (in this instance the sin they are speaking of is their ignorant belief that homosexuality is a sin) then you will turn a blind eye to other sins (eg. how Liam has people threatening to take me out) and to me it’s like “Well good job feeding into that narrative and causing more hatred towards us, good job hurting the community doing that.” And that’s honestly all this community is doing anymore these days is making it where more people hate us and don’t want to support us, turning allies away, including actual members of the community like myself, cause why would anyone want to help a community that won’t help individuals within it when they need it or respect them?

Fighting against homophobia and social injustice.