Four Signs of An Emotionally Abusive and Controlling Relationship

I have decided to write about four signs of an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship.

Most people don’t realize that by being on each other’s phones that this is lack of privacy and while some will act like this means they have nothing to hide from each other it shows a massive trust issue within the relationship. Trusting a person to get into a relationship with them should be enough. If you have to be on each other’s phones than you do not really trust each other.

If your significant other is making it where you don’t have time for friends and/or family this is a very clear sign you are in a controlling relationship because your partner is wanting you to be completely dependent on them and no one else. Also, they will try and convince you that your friends and/or family members are jealous of your relationship with them as a means to turn you on your friends and/or family. Another sign is your partner getting upset with you that people are in contact with you.

Any lover who convinces you that you need to put them first is clearly abusing you. No person should ever come before yourself and all relationships, whether with friends, family or your lover, should be about compromising.

This is a big indication that the relationship is abusive. Say you are talking to the partner of your friend and they say something like “They don’t have to make time for you.” Then you confront your friend about it and they start making excuses, claims of physical or mental disorders causing them to lash out at people, or that’s just how they are, stuff like that than it is safe to assume that your friend is being verbally and emotionally abused and is in denial of the behavior.

Sadly nothing can be done except to be there for the victims of such a relationship and not allow yourself to be pushed out of their lives. Any attempt of pursuance or pointing out what is going on will only lead the victim to lash out at you in anger and verbal/emotional abuse of false accusations of jealousy or making excuses for behaviors. They have to come to the realization on their own. Which is sad if they are allowing themselves to be isolated from their friends and/or family.

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